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What started as a single home project years ago has since grown into a company that operates across the province. However, we still maintain the vision and values of our founder and current owner.

Growing up around a construction background, with a father who worked as a residential and commercial contractor, Peter Batson quickly found the answer to every graduate’s biggest question: what do I do now?

With a business degree from MUN, a love of construction work, and plenty of skills as a handyman, Peter enrolled in the Carpentry Program at the Carpenters Millwrights College. Soon after completing his program, he bought an older home on York Street to repair and renovate with the goal of reselling it. Thus, York Construction was born.

Since 2007, York has been creating beautifully designed homes throughout St. John’s and across the Province of Newfoundland. Whether we’re creating a collection of single-home residences, townhomes or multi-unit condo buildings.



With years of experience, and a team dedicated to quality work that goes beyond what you expect, we’re sure we can help you with your next project.