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York Developments Inc is an award-winning residential and commercial construction and renovation company that works closely with clients to deliver exceptional results.

Since 2007, York has been creating beautifully designed homes throughout St. John’s and across the Province of Newfoundland. Whether we’re creating a collection of single-home residences, townhomes or multi-unit condo buildings.

Our clients can rest assured they are receiving the highest quality construction around.

The York Building Process

Customer care and homeowner support is our primary concern. To that end, York has developed this comprehensive Homeowner Handbook as a helpful resource for our homeowners to consult. The Handbook contains important information to assist you with the seasonal maintenance and performance of your home and its components.

Your Homeowner Handbook also outlines our After Sales Service procedures including how and who to contact if you have a concern or an issue with your home after you have moved in.

While most of the features and finishes that make up your home and its surroundings are low maintenance, a strong understanding of what they are, how they work and how to maintain them will prolong their life and keep your home and its systems operating at their greatest efficiency. Although you live in a brand new home, it is important to note that it still requires seasonal maintenance and general upkeep.