Ron Fleming

Project Manager

Ron has worked over 30 years in the industry in varying capacities starting as a Construction Labourer in the early 90’s then returning to school in the mid 90’s to obtain a diploma in Civil Engineering Technology. Since that time, he has held many positions in the public and private sector, was Director of Engineering and Public Works for the fastest growing municipality in Atlantic Canada, and successfully maintained a small Consulting business.

Ron has over twenty-five years experience as a Certified Engineering Technologist (Civil) in the construction industry.  Ron skillset allows him to have a deep understanding of undertaking large capital projects from the owner’s position, the engineering side, and the contracting portion. This combined experience allows him to provide excellent technical and engineering support to clients for any project from conception through to completion.

Ron has overseen small to large scale projects both as the Project Lead and as part of a Project Team. Ron has managed both Union and Non-Union staff numbering as high as 50. His unique skillset has proved to be an asset to the organizations and clients he has worked with.